Concealed Weapons Information

Concealed Weapon License

Your Tax Collector Office is pleased to offer our customers a one-stop process to apply for a concealed weapon license or to renew your current concealed weapon license in the Palatka Office, only at this time.

Our Office in partnership with the Florida Department of Agriculture, the Licensing Agency, are excited about this opportunity for our Citizens.

For Eligibility Requirements or more information click here:

We offer appointments at the Palatka Office Monday- Friday, from 8:30 to 4:15; for CWL Renewal plan for a 10-15 minute time frame; if this is a new application plan for 40-50 minutes.

Walk-ins are welcome; however, please allow for a longer time frame as we work you into the schedule and a timing tip for walk-ins, do not arrive between 11:30am and 2pm as we often have longer wait times.

To set up an appointment please call (386) 329-0282, press 0 the prompt.

Concealed Weapon License

We only accept applications. We do not determine eligibility.

Florida Statute 790.06; License to carry concealed weapon or firearm.
Florida Statute 790.061; Personal information is confidential.

FL or Out of State residents – $119

  • License Fee – $55
  • Fingerprinting – $42
  • TC Fee – $22

FL Law Enforcement Officer (active or retired less than 1 year) – $77

  • License Fee – $55
  • TC Fee – $22

FL Law Enforcement Officer (retired over 1 year) – $94

  • License Fee – $30
  • Fingerprinting – $42
  • TC Fee – $22

Judge (Active) – $0

Renewals (may be processed up to 180 days prior to expiration)
FL residents – $57

  • License Fee – $45
  • TC Fee – $12

Out of State residents (holding a FL Concealed Weapon License) – $99

  • License Fee – $45
  • Fingerprinting – $42
  • TC Fee – $12

FL Law Enforcement Officer (active or retired less than 1 year) – $57

  • License Fee – $45
  • TC Fee – $12

FL Law Enforcement Officer (retired over 1 year) – $42

  • License Fee – $30
  • TC Fee – $12

Judge (Active) – $0

Late Fee (if expired less than 6 months) – $15

Replacement – $15

Making Application:
Original Permit

  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
    • 18 years of age if a Military Member.
  • Provide a picture ID
    • A Driver License or state-issued Identification Card is acceptable.
  • Copy of a training document or other certificate that confirms that you are proficient with a firearm.
  • Military Members (permits are expedited):
    • Active – Military Identification Card, Current Military Orders or Common Access Card.
    • Honorably Discharged Veterans – DD214.
  • Payment.

Renewal Permit

  • Renewal notice or Concealed Weapon Permit.
    • To request another renewal notice via email or Phone (850) 245-5691.
  • Bring Driver License/Identification Card.
  • Payment.

Replacement Permit (with/without change)

  • Submit a notarized written statement explaining that the license/permit is lost, stolen or destroyed.
    Submit a written request and copy of the legal document evidencing the name change.
  • Payment – $15.
  • Mail request to:
  • Division of Licensing
    PO Box 6387
    Tallahassee, Florida 32314-6387

Change of Address

Processing Time:
Original Permit

  • Up to 30 mins (time depending on application completion & fingerprinting).

Renewal Permit

  • Approximately 15 mins (at most; no fingerprinting unless out of state resident).

Once Application is submitted

  • The Department of Agriculture, Division of Licensing is allowed 90 days to either issue or deny said application.

Expired Permits:

Expired less than 6 months – Processed as a renewal with an additional $15 late fee.
Expired over 6 months – Processed as an original.

Acceptable Training Documentation:

Check the application status: or call (850)245-5691

Concealed Weapon Permits are valid for 7 years.

FL and out of state residents can hold a Florida Concealed Weapon Permit.

  • Out of state residents must be fingerprinted for both an original and renewal.

Name changes must be requested in writing and submitted with proof of name change along with a payment of $15. Mail directly to the Division of Licensing.

  • The licensee may wait until renewal time to change the name.

Address changes must be requested in a notarized written statement along with a payment of $15. Mail directly to the Division of Licensing.

  • As of February 12, 2010, the residential address is no longer printed on the license.
  • Must notify the Division of Licensing within 30 days after a change of address.

Additional information may be found online at

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